Friday, 24 February 2012

Love Under Two Gunslingers by Cara Covington

[#179: Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M] Sold into marriage by her father, Sarah discovers she’s drawn to the two gunslingers escorting her to her new home. Caleb and Joshua Benedict look nothing alike, yet these twins both make Sarah’s body shiver, and her heart quiver. When danger threatens, her protectors lead Sarah into the untamed wilderness of Indian Territory. Terrified and torn, Sarah offers herself to the brothers—seizing her only chance to taste love before she begins her sentence of a loveless marriage. Caleb and Joshua Benedict are twins who’ve always agreed on the most important things in life, and one thing they agree on is they both want Sarah. When they discover someone’s trying to kill her, they know they’ll move heaven and hell to keep her safe. And when she comes to them to offer all she is, they know they’ll do anything--anything at all--to keep her. **A Siren Erotic Romance

Before I start I'd like to apologise for the hiatus. I've been suffering from a never ending cold and a chest infection and haven't been reading anything longer than blog posts for the last 6 weeks. This also means I'm horribly behind on my reading challenges, but hopefully I can catch up.

And now onto the book. I actually started this at the end of December but then had to put it down and couldn't come back to it til now, so I started again from the beginning and wow. I wish I'd ploughed on and read it despite my illness, because if anything was going to make me feel better, it would have been the Benedict brothers!

The brothers are fantastic characters, very well drawn, and deliciously sexy. They are hired to escort the heroine to the West where her husband is waiting for her. She married him after knowing him for barely more than a few hours at her father's instruction and later discovers her husband pretty much bought her from her father. He didn't even sleep with her on her wedding night and she can't understand why he wanted to marry her, but they are legally married so she is resolved to make the best of it.

During the journey west she falls head over heels for her two protectors, who feel the same way about her. They resist for some time, all three of them respecting her marriage vows, but when it becomes clear that someone is trying to kill her things change between the three of them, especially as it is clear the unknown assassins are getting information from her father or her husband.

The sex scenes are steaming hot and the writing is refreshingly free of purple prose. The men are rough and dangerous but also tender and sexy - a perfect combination. And our heroine is a dutiful daughter and wife but no doormat. She speaks her mind and is definitely an equal partner in the threesome.

I can't wait to read the rest of this series!

VERDICT - 5 out of 5. If you like your romances full of steamy sex and wonderful characters, this one is for you!

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